Dog Walking Services

My dog walking services are designed for those owners who may be at work all day, are elderly, hospitalised, or have other commitments. Your dog will receive a minimum of one hours walk (excluding travel time) at one of many country park areas that I use. After having a full hours play your dog will be returned tired, happy and content.

All dogs are safely transported in my van which is custom fitted with K9 dog cages and is fully ventilated. I place clean towels on the floor of the crate so that if the dogs get damp/wet on their walk they are laying on a soft surface that will absorb some of the moisture.

Should you give me a key to your home I can assure you that it will be kept secure. Security will be discussed at our initial meeting. I am fully insured to cover key loss/lock replacements should the need ever arise.

I will put a collar and "Akita Pet Services" name tag on your dog during the walk if he does not have a name tag on already. It is illegal not to tag your dog and you can be fined up to £1000.

I provide poop scoop bags and will ensure all deposits are cleared up.

I will visit your dog at your home so we can get to know each other and I will observe your dog's behaviour and commands you use so that we maintain consistency. You are welcome to come to my home with your dog too so that you feel you know me before I walk your dog.

I will collect a key, if required, and make a note of the commands your dog knows. I will take details of contact telephone numbers, your vet's number (just in case) and check your dog's vaccination card is up to date.

I will walk a new dog with my own dog at first to see how sociable the dog is and how it reacts to different situations. e.g. joggers, cyclists etc. If requested I will build a bond with the dog and ensure the recall is established on a 10 metre training lead prior to coming off the lead.

During wet and muddy conditions, I will towel dry your dog to ensure he/she does not shake-dry, leaving wet and muddy splash marks up your walls and on your floors!

I will leave your dog safely in your designated area.

If needed, the dog's water bowl will be refilled prior to leaving your house. I won't leave a dog without water after a walk. I would also like to mention that you should not really leave food down for your dog all day as, if it eats just before or just after a walk, it can cause stomach complaints/torsion.


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